Monday, July 2, 2012

Remember that time...

Last week when our pipes got all clogged and the washer flooded our kitchen. Less our handy dandy apartment man came to the rescue. Josh left me alone with him.It was awkward. I asked if I could use his vacuum...he said no. But our pipes are fixed. hooray!

Remember that time...

We had fish babies. Those itty bitty bodies and big eyes. I never thought I would be a grandmother so young. And babies got eaten by big babies. Sad day.

Remember that time...

Josh and I didn't turn on the tv for an entire day. We talked about funny random childhood memories all night. The awkward best years of ever. Yeah that was my favorite night.


Amanda Brooke

PS- sorry for the lack of pictures. My camera and I are in an argument at the moment. Hopefully all will be resolved soon.