Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's been awhile.

Sooo sorry I have not posted in forever and a day. I have been way busy with school, work, and wedding stuff. No one ever tells you how stressful weddings are....oh wait. Maybe they did tell me, I just never listened or believed. I'm a believer now. However, I know that it is all going to be so worth it when I'm stuffing my face with cake, wearing the dress and shoes of my dreams, and laying on the beach with my hot new husband.

It is absolutely crazy how close the BIG day is. I have a million different emotions at all times. Thinking about being sealed to my amazing fella makes me want to cry. I have been dreaming of this since I was 8...it's finally here. I always wondered in my younger days what my husband would be like, what he would look like, and what adventures we would take on. Now I know what my husband will look like and who he will be. It's a crazy feeling. Josh is everything I imagined my person to be. Honesty, he is far more than I could have ever imagined.

I want to take the time to record his random acts of kindness (So I don't forget)....

Josh and I cleared our schedules so that we could go get our marriage license in Texas. I hurried over to his apartment and let myself in. I called his name, but no one answered. I looked around the corner and saw a bag of Reese's eggs on our table. Reese's eggs are the number one candy in my life. Next thing I know Josh jumps out of the closet. I mentioned the eggs and he claimed he didn't know where they came from. So thoughtful. Later in the day I was having a hard time...Josh simply comforted me and let me be sad. As we went to the courthouse for our marriage license we had to go through a metal detector. Yeah...I beeped...I had scissors in my purse. Yet, the boy still thinks I'm normal and still got a marriage license with me. After we received that glorious piece of paper we went and ate at Texas Roadhouse with the Miller parents. We had a gift card...sweet.

The best St. Patrick's day I have ever had. I had to work from 7:30-1:00 at the activity center. I forgot my computer and was so bummed. I was being bored and using my smart phone when I looked up to see the most handsome man walk into the gym. That handsome man was my fiance. Josh brought me my computer and stayed for a bit before he had to head to work. At around 12:40 I started getting ready to leave. I'm packing up my stuff when Josh surprises me again. He walks up to me carrying Canes!! The best man in the world!!!!! The boy took his lunch break to come and bring me my favorite fast food. We sat on the back of his truck and ate our food. After Josh got off of work we headed to a new park. The park was the best park we have ever been too. We walked and jogged and looked at all the flowers for a few hours. After leaving we went to Sonic for a cold treat. I drank my watermelon slush and he ate his oreo icecream outside HAPPY as can be. It was such a good, happy day.

In 17 days I am going to marry this man. I can't wait to be a family forever. xoxox

Amanda Brooke

Monday, March 5, 2012

We have dishes and an apartment.

This weekend was glorious. I am still getting used to how awesome it is to have Josh living in Monroe. I love seeing his smiling face every chance I can get. He is living in the apartment we will be living in as married folks. For a month it gets to be his bachelor pad....however his bachelor pad is already filled with red polka dot dishes and candles. We spent a majority of the weekend moving things into the apartment and setting it all up.

On Saturday, Josh and I headed to Winnfield after he got off work at 5. It was a quick trip, but we needed to go and pick up our couch, table & chairs, and boxes of stuff. We also got some mom face time and BBQ out of the trip. Not to mention mom sent us back with a bag full of girl scout cookies, birthday oreos, and leftover potato salad and BBQ. She knows her babies! We drove all the way back to the apartment with Josh's truck loaded inside and out. One of our friend's came to help us unload the heavy couch and table. Bringing the couch into the apartment was the most difficult thing I have ever had to ....watch. Yes, I didn't help bring it in. I'm weak..and held the pillows.

The rest of the weekend was spent organizing, eating cookies, and watching ces devotionals. It's the good life.

Amanda Brooke