Thursday, October 25, 2012

A lovely love story part 1

I've decided that it's a shame that I have not written down my love story...anywhere. I dream of telling our children one day about how "dad and I met and fell in love". So without further ado..A Lovely Love Story Part 1.

It was my Senior year of High School and I was done with boys. I was never too serious with any boy, but I was seriously dramatic. My LIFE WAS OVER because my "boyfriend" decided to date other girls. My best friend Callie decided it would be a good idea to have a sleepover to discuss my boy troubles. We decided that we should get on facebook and talk smack about all the girls my "boyfriend" was dating. (hahaha) As I was scrolling through my feed, I came across some pictures of a very handsome boy. That became way more important than my previous intentions. This was the boy that I met at youth conference the year before. This boy was cute then, but he was handsome now! I scrolled through all the pictures like a true creeper. Something came over me. I'm not sure if it was because of my "heartbreak" or the fact that Callie cheered the entire time, but I left a comment on one of his picture. "WoW." We shut the computer and giggled the entire night.

The picture that started it all. We still laugh about it today.
The next morning, I received a message from this handsome man. "What do you mean by Wow?" I refused to tell him the two reasons. 1. That it looked like he was in love with his horse. 2. That I thought he was a hottie with a sweet body. Somehow our conversation led to me giving him my number. We literally talked for the rest of the day like twitterpated teenagers..well because we were.
To be continued...

The real deal.

You know how when you first get married you want everything to be perfect. Perfect house. Perfect meals. Perfect wife in general?! Well...I'm over it. I am so not perfect. Josh is not perfect. (Although perfect for me.) We have certainly never been perfect and certainly never will be. It's pretty great. So here is a list of funny imperfections.

  • I decided that I was going to be a crockpot queen. It worked out a few times. The other day I decided to make some honey mustard chicken in the cp. I turned it on and went to go take a nap. It had just enough time to cook before Josh got home for dinner. Perfect until I wake up two hours later and realize the crocker was never turned on!! Dinner ruined.....and then saved by taco bell. Don't worry, we ate it at the table like it was homemade.
  • The next day I made the honey mustard tasted horrible. Josh liked it. I refused to eat it. Part of me is convinced Josh will eat anything.
  • I take a lot of naps. I need them or I am a crazy hormone monster lady. Yesterday as I was waking up from a nap I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Josh was in there...and I wasn't expecting him to be home. I screamed at the top of my lungs and fell on the floor in fright. Does this worry anyone else?? What if it were a real stranger danger kidnapper? Helpless.
  • Sooo...I'm taking self defense next semester.
  • I am graduating in May. Only to apply to grad school for Fall. School you slay me.
  • Josh announced that he was going to be getting me some new Toms. I was like "YAY, you're so nice", but then I realized it's because i have a hole in one of mine where my big toe is. I think he's embarrassed. So I wore them to work today.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I just met you..and this is crazy!

Sometimes we think we are hilarious. So we take videos of ourselves acting out song lyrics. This is probably only funny to us, but I wanted to share it anyways. I think I want to start making more videos with this fella. I think it will be funny to watch them years from now and laugh about how dorky in love we are.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Dear Mr. Miller,
I spend most of my time at work writing letters to you in my head. We always were the letter writing type. I always start my letters with "I love you" because really that's the summation of everything. So, I love you.
The anniversary of our engagement is coming up soon. How has a year already passed since you asked, and I told you I'd be yours forever? It seems like just yesterday we were on that ferris wheel imagining our beautiful future. November will always be one of my favorites because of those memories. My favorite season, 11/11,ferris wheels,merry go rounds, wishes. Thanks for making me wait so that our day could be extra special. I still mean my wish...and I know you still mean yours. I spent a lot of my days wishing for someone like you.
I love being married to you. Every single day is an adventure. I live with my best friend...does it get any better. I love dreaming of the future with you.
Lastly, I always end my letters with I love you because you can never hear it too much. So I love you Mr. Miller. You're the sprinkles on top and the very best part.
-Mrs. Miller

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekends are for Lovers

I really love this guy.
I want to start getting back into blogging so that I can have a record of all the adventures the fella and I go on. Currently, I am listening to new Taylor Swift and wishing it were still the weekend. Saturday the fella and I had a cubscout activity to attend. I'm the one who's over the cubbies, but he's a good sport and came with. I am convinced that this calling is a sign that we are going to have a massive amount of little boys. I'm working on my little boy mothering skills for sure.
We learned about indians, cooked outside, and went on a hike. It was suprisingly pretty fun and the boys weren't toooo crazy.
After we got back from our scouting adventure, we decided to go on a date. Oh how I love date nights. We decided on sandwiches-so we ate at Mcallisters. Josh fell madly in love with his french dip. Mine was just ok. Should have gone with the carby massive cheese covered potato. Then we headed to the movies. We saw Taken 2 and I only covered my eyes for half of the movie. I love it, but it made me super nervous. Movies are so much better with husbands. Instead of awkwardly hiding my face under a stranger's shirt...I get to do that to my husband. At the end of the movie the entire "Taken" family goes out for ice cream. So josh decided that he needed to take me out for ice cream too. Mint chocolate chip really hit the spot.
I think I need to start writing down some of Josh's hilarious quotes. This boy makes me laugh 24/7. Too bad I usually forget all the funny things he says. I'll work on it.
Mrs. Miller