Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekends are for Lovers

I really love this guy.
I want to start getting back into blogging so that I can have a record of all the adventures the fella and I go on. Currently, I am listening to new Taylor Swift and wishing it were still the weekend. Saturday the fella and I had a cubscout activity to attend. I'm the one who's over the cubbies, but he's a good sport and came with. I am convinced that this calling is a sign that we are going to have a massive amount of little boys. I'm working on my little boy mothering skills for sure.
We learned about indians, cooked outside, and went on a hike. It was suprisingly pretty fun and the boys weren't toooo crazy.
After we got back from our scouting adventure, we decided to go on a date. Oh how I love date nights. We decided on sandwiches-so we ate at Mcallisters. Josh fell madly in love with his french dip. Mine was just ok. Should have gone with the carby massive cheese covered potato. Then we headed to the movies. We saw Taken 2 and I only covered my eyes for half of the movie. I love it, but it made me super nervous. Movies are so much better with husbands. Instead of awkwardly hiding my face under a stranger's shirt...I get to do that to my husband. At the end of the movie the entire "Taken" family goes out for ice cream. So josh decided that he needed to take me out for ice cream too. Mint chocolate chip really hit the spot.
I think I need to start writing down some of Josh's hilarious quotes. This boy makes me laugh 24/7. Too bad I usually forget all the funny things he says. I'll work on it.
Mrs. Miller

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