Wednesday, April 17, 2013


This post is going to be really hard to write, but I feel like I need to for memories sake.
My sweet grandfather, papaw as I called him, passed away one week ago today.
It seems unreal that time has already passed by so quickly, and yet I still feel like It just happened.
I've been working on having the right perspective. He is with my grandmother again.
He is happy. He still loves and cares for me. We are a family forever.
It's been hard, but I don't want to focus on that anymore.
I wanted to share some memories of my sweet papaw.
When my brother and I were wee lads, papaw decided that we needed our own place to play.
So he built us a tree swing in a secret little cove in the trees. I thought it was magical.
My brother and I would swing and play for hours in our magic little spot.
When Papaw was feeling up to it he would come and push us.
Our secret swing could only be reached by crossing over a ditch.
One day I fell into the ditch. I'm not really sure how it happened..but all I know
is that brother left me there. haha
It seemed like an eternity before my screams were answered and I was pulled
up from that ditch. Scary then, but a sweet memory now.
My papaw was also in love with French fries. That's all he exaggeration. Every day after
school we would go to his house and he would make us homemade French fries and give us Dr. Thunders (cheap dr peppers). Not the healthiest thing in the world, but that's what Papaws are for.
Papaw told us millions of war stories (he served in Korea and Vietnam). He told me stories of
my grandmother who passed away when I was 7. I loved his stories. He also told me how much
Heavenly Father loved me. He always made sure that I felt loved. One day at church I walked in and my papaw was standing there waiting for me. He turned to everyone in the hall and said, "Isn't my
grandbaby beautiful!!" I will never forget how much joy he filled my life with. It was always the simple things.
He traveled to Nauvoo, Illinois probably 5 million times. He loved that place. One day he drove all the way there just to eat steak with a few friends. He loved telling me that story. I think it made him feel like he was a crazy kid. I will always think of my grandfather when I hear Nauvoo.
I know this may sound silly, but it was always my dream to have my papaw see me get married. I knew that he would be so proud of me. I wanted him to approve of the prince and approve of the place (the temple). I'm so glad that he got to see me in my wedding dress. I will always treasure these sweet pictures. 
Speaking of the prince...Papaw used to call to tell me I had a letter from J. or he would call to tell me
that he was keeping it hostage until I came to see him. Or my favorite...he would claim he "lost" a letter because of his old age. I always had a mini panic over it. He was such the jokester.
I know that this post has really no organization, but I just needed to write down some memories of one of my favorite men to ever be. I want to make him proud...I want to be the woman that he
always knew I would grow up to be.

The zoo is for lovers.

On our one year anniversary we took a little trip to Jackson, Ms. Our first stop was the zoo. If
you know J and I, you know that we are obsessed with animals. The zoo is our happy place.
We had so much fun...and we have the pictures to prove it. Enjoy...

For the rest of the day I got spoiled. We ate lunch at a cute little place called Sweet Peppers. Then I got to shop to my hearts desire. Let's just say that we spent an hour in Anthropologie and J never complained. He is a saint. But it was a good thing that anthro had cupcakes that day...his reward. He's also the best picker of clothing for me...he knows what I look good in I guess. I won't complain. We really had so much fun just exploring. We ended up heading home and eating crawfish to celebrate our first year of marriage living in Louisiana. Life is good.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One year down.

This guy. I like him. We celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary this past Saturday (4-6-13). It's hard to believe that an entire year has already gone by. I don't think I have the words to sum up how amazing this first year of marriage has been. Of course, things have never been perfect. We don't have the perfect marriage. (No one does). That is something that I have learned this first year of marriage. Love is a choice that you make every single day. If we want our marriage to be happy and healthy and fun....we have to make the decision to make it that way.

J has surprised me a lot this first year. He has surprised me with how patient, caring and kind he truly can be. Of course I knew those things before we were married, but trust me when I tell you I have been a test of all of these attributes. Like when I'm a grump or emotional or just feeling blah. Somehow he loves me so much that he just finds a way to be more understanding, sweeter, and even more patient. I'm thankful for that. It has helped our marriage in every way.

We have taken road trips, gone on adventures, ate way too much, watched countless movies and silly shows, laughed our butts off, sang off key...everywhere, cooked and baked up a storm, had play arguments, missed each other when away, became park people, and worked hard. We had a good year.

You know how people always say "I love you more than I did when we got married."??? On my wedding day I thought..."No way, how could I love J more than I do today?" Now that it's been a year..I can honestly say that I have CHOSEN to love J more and more each and every day. I have learned more and I have grown more. I am learning each day how to love him more and how to be loved more. It's a eternal one. That's why I'm glad that we have forever we can figure it all out.

Amanda M.