Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The zoo is for lovers.

On our one year anniversary we took a little trip to Jackson, Ms. Our first stop was the zoo. If
you know J and I, you know that we are obsessed with animals. The zoo is our happy place.
We had so much fun...and we have the pictures to prove it. Enjoy...

For the rest of the day I got spoiled. We ate lunch at a cute little place called Sweet Peppers. Then I got to shop to my hearts desire. Let's just say that we spent an hour in Anthropologie and J never complained. He is a saint. But it was a good thing that anthro had cupcakes that day...his reward. He's also the best picker of clothing for me...he knows what I look good in I guess. I won't complain. We really had so much fun just exploring. We ended up heading home and eating crawfish to celebrate our first year of marriage living in Louisiana. Life is good.

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