Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome 2014

It's a new year and resolutions have been made. Josh and I both filled out a goal sheet for the upcoming year. I'm going to be honest, eating healthier was no where to be found on my list. Sure I would love to be healthier and exercise more, but I feel like that goal is a set up for failure. (At least for me) My goals consist of striving for patience, being more confident, and striving for unity with those around me. Confidence is a big one for me. I think once I develop more confidence in myself everything else in my life will fall into place.

Josh's goals consisted of striving for success and living it up. I like the way he thinks. I like the idea of having our year's motto being to Live it. Live it meaning to enjoy life, do our best, and go after our dreams.
(Via Pinterest)
This is going to be our year. I think blogging will also become more of a frequent occurrence. Time will tell.