Tuesday, March 19, 2013



 Spring has arrived. I thrive in Spring...I live for it. The park has become our new hangout since we can go there without jackets now. The flowers are beautiful. Life is full of new beginnings. I've had a lot of changes take place recently. Since Fall of 2009 (when I started college), I have been looking forward to the Spring semester of 2013. This is the semester that I'm graduating with my bachelors degree. This is the semester where I would apply to graduate schools. Last week I found out the good news....I got into graduate school at my number one choice. I'm going to graduate school!! and I'm going to graduate a Speech-Language Pathologist. Unbelievable. I feel so incredibly blessed...because I am. You better believe my blessing book's pages are filling up. I'm starting a new chapter. I also just got a new calling at church to be a Sunday school teacher for the 16 and 17 year olds. I'm going from teaching cute kiddies to teaching teenagers. I also just got a new summer job. There is so much new happening...it's the Spring of my life.

Flowers my mom sent me for getting into Grad school.

I feel really lucky to have J with me on this new journey. He is the most supportive husband and never fails to cheer for team Amanda. We've been taking time to enjoy being together as much as possible. This includes lots of date nights, park trips, and eating ice cream straight from the carton. Once grad school starts I know that I am going to be a lot busier. I'm nervous about that because J is already sooo busy. If anyone can do it, I know we can. So cheers to Spring in the literal and figurative sense.