Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A lesson learned while eating chocolate and feeling bad for myself.

I am a really bad blogger. I blame 1. graduate school and 2. graduate school. It consumes my life.
Today, I was having one of those days. You know, one of those days that nothing can make better. It's just a feel bad, sad for yourself day. Add in deadlines, a quiz, and emotions and it leads to just one big catastrophe. I came home feeling sad for myself because, well I just had "one of those days." I ate some chocolate. I complained to my loving husband. (the man is so patient... I hit the husband jackpot.) I talked feelings out with good friends.
Suddenly, everything didn't seem so terribly bad. My whole world did a 160 and I felt better. No matter how many no good terrible days that I have...well there is always good. This life was designed to be filled with trials and struggles. Why? So that we could grow and progress and become exactly who we need to become. I guess what I am saying is that after all the bad and the sad, I feel like maybe I was shaped a little for the better. With Him I am always in good hands. At times, it takes me a while to realize the important things in life. I temporarily forget  my blessings. Maybe I don't even forget them completely, I just forget to cherish them.
There will always be days that I will feel the need for chocolate and a Dr. Pepper. It's ok that I will have days that I want to hibernate. It's ok, as long as I remember that everything is going to be ok eventually. Sadness shouldn't last forever because there is so much good to be enjoyed. Life without happiness is really no life at all.
So join me in trying to see the good every. single. day. No matter what may come our way...we've got this.