Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Are we friends.

Lately, I have been struggling with the word sincerity. Friendships used to be so much easier. We were friends if we joked and laughed together. We were friends because we spent our lifes togehter. We were friends if we grew up together. Now the friendship boundaries are not as clear. Obviously my husband is my best friend, but I am not talking about him right now. I am talking about others who are apart of my life or at one point were. I am having a hard time identifying what a sincere friendship is since starting this new chapter of my life.

Feelings are such a weird thing. I have been thinking this morning of all the friends I don't talk to on a regular basis anyone. Some of them I still consider friends and others...I wouldn't label them as such. What makes that difference? Even if I don't talk to certain friends everyday, I can still feel there sincerity when we do get the chance to catch up. Those that I still consider friends have a way of showing me that they have a interest in what's going on in my life and they make sure I know how they are. The feelings that I am struggling with now are the "friends" who no longer appear sincere to me. Maybe they don't take the opportunity to really listen to me or to inform me about what's happening in their life. Can I be friends with someone if I don't even know the details of the BIG events in their life?

All of these thoughts leave me wondering if it's my fault or part my fault. Am I also being insincere? Maybe so. I recently was assigned a project in class to have a meaningful conversation with a stranger of a different culture. I chose a sweet older lady from church who I had only said a casual good morning to. After our first "interview" or conversation, I was on cloud nine. Our conversation was so open, honest, and meaningful. After we talked for over an hour, this relative strangerr stood up and hugged me like I was her own granddaughter. I felt loved. Not many times in life do we get the opportunity to get to know a stranger on such a personal level. Or is it that we don't take the time to? I'm leaning more towards the second.

I wrote this post mainly to straighten out my feelings on friendship. Maybe it's time that I start to water the friendships that have started to wilt. If I show how much the friendship of others means to me, maybe I will receive love in return. Cheers to learning what it means to be a friend and have a friend.
XOXO, Amanda


  1. I know exactly how you feel Amanda, I've learnt over the years that not everyone is a true friend and a true friend doesn't even necessarily mean you talk or see each other all the time, but you just care and make the effort. It's hard to determine friendship sometimes, and the reality is, real friends are few and far between. I'm glad someone sees what I see :)

  2. Honestly, I feel like getting married or engaged changes everything when it comes to friendships. That probably sounds so pessimistic, but for me it was totally true. I love my friends, and they will always be a part of my life, but their interest in me seemed to shift once I had a ring on my finger. I can totally relate to what you're feeling. It's like, the people you were once closest to are now just Facebook statuses. Haha! I hope things are going well for you! I want to hear about your wedding planning!!