Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Dear Mr. Miller,
I spend most of my time at work writing letters to you in my head. We always were the letter writing type. I always start my letters with "I love you" because really that's the summation of everything. So, I love you.
The anniversary of our engagement is coming up soon. How has a year already passed since you asked, and I told you I'd be yours forever? It seems like just yesterday we were on that ferris wheel imagining our beautiful future. November will always be one of my favorites because of those memories. My favorite season, 11/11,ferris wheels,merry go rounds, wishes. Thanks for making me wait so that our day could be extra special. I still mean my wish...and I know you still mean yours. I spent a lot of my days wishing for someone like you.
I love being married to you. Every single day is an adventure. I live with my best friend...does it get any better. I love dreaming of the future with you.
Lastly, I always end my letters with I love you because you can never hear it too much. So I love you Mr. Miller. You're the sprinkles on top and the very best part.
-Mrs. Miller

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