Friday, November 9, 2012

A Lovely Love Story Part 3

Where did we leave off...

Oh yes, one unexpected, lovely first date. Since Josh and I lived three hours away, we had to plan plan plan in order to see one another. Our second "date"...well I spent the weekend at his house. I met all 6 brothers and sisters and one mom and dad. Looking back it's kind of interesting how Josh and I just fell into a relationship with one another. Although we considered each other boyfriend and girlfriend, we were more like best friends who held hands.

We went on too many adventures to name. We fished. We traveled Arkansas. We called the Boardwalk home. We loved Texas. We watched endless amounts of movies. We found a baby pig, named it, and kept it. We racked up our phone bills. But mostly we just laughed a lot.

From the beginning, I knew Josh would shortly be leaving on a mission. I tried not to get attached, but who was I kidding.

The mission papers were sent in. We waited for an envelope to arrive. The mail was checked every single day. One weekend while I was visiting, one of the girls came running into the house screaming, "It's here it's here!" I felt excitement. I felt sadness. I felt every emotion that a person could possibly feel.

The envelope was opened....."Elder Miller, you are here by called to serve.."

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  1. I love reading your story! I can't wait to read the rest! I love "waiting for missionary" stories. So cute!