Wednesday, November 14, 2012

That one time I was so scared, I was HAPPY

Yesterday, I planned a fun shopping day with my cousin and her cute little boy. I knew I had nothing else going on because Josh was on a business trip. We shopped and shopped and looked and looked. Christmas was everywhere. I love Christmas. While we were walking around the mall, Josh called me and texted me frequently. I thought, "Wow he must really be missing me this trip." At our last stop, Hobby Lobby, Josh texted me "Are you home yet??" "Almost done?" "Amanda??" My thoughts..this boy lost all of his patience in Mississippi.

We were finally done and I arrived back at our apartment. I opened our front door and noticed candles everywhere. "OH NO! I left all of these candles romantically burning while I was gone!...Wait, No I didn't!" Second thought, "A murderer is trying to seduce me!" I stood in the door way for a good two minutes contemplating what to do with my romantic murderer. Then I heard a ring. It was Josh's phone. WHAT?? So I walked into the house and turned the corner to find my handsome husband holding a sign that said "I'm your BIG surprise! Are you Surprised? I love you!" He is the best surprise I have ever received. We sat down to eat dinner that he had prepared. A simple tuna sandwich and salad. It was absolutely perfect. 

Josh attempted to record the entire thing, but couldn't due to the fact that his phone rang in the middle of it. Good attempt though. haha I'm glad my romantic murderer turned out to be my romantic husband. 

Amanda M.

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  1. Oh my gosh. That is the cutest thing! You picked a good one, girlfriend! How romantic!