Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cookie Butter.

Have you guys ever had Cookie Butter from Trader Joes?
We just got back from our trip to Texas, which also happens to be where
the closest Trader Joes is. Before we left, I noticed that my supply of Cookie
Butter was extremely low. We are talking a couple of spoonfuls left.
It was a national disaster in our house. I needed Texas, Trader Joes, and Cookie
Butter B.A.D.
At the end of our trip we decided to head to Houston, Tx for a
couple of hours before heading home.
2 reasons. 1.  the Houston Temple. 2. Trader Joes.
The Temple was beautiful. One of my favorites.
Then it was Trader Joe's time.
We pull up and I storm into the store like I own the place.
I march all over the store.
"Where the heck to they keep their Cookie Butter?!"
I couldn't find it.
Pure panic.
I was in complete denial when I decided to ask one of the employees, "Where is my
Cookie Butter??!"
There is a nation wide Cookie Butter shortage.
They only have 12 a day. Gone in ten mins.
She told me to come back tomorrow morning
and wait in line with the other crazies.
My heart was broken. I might have almost cried.
I can't even talk about it.
Oh, and if you think that I'm have obviously never had Cookie Butter before.
and you probably never will because of the freakin shortage.
I feel for you.
I feel bad for me.
The end.
PS- If you happen to find some freakin Cookie Butter...hook a girl up.

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