Saturday, July 20, 2013

My weekly top ten.

My current top ten of the week...
1. Diet Dr. Pepper with cherry or vanilla. my addiction.
2. Quotable kids. I spend at least ten mins everyday telling J
and my mom funny things that my kids at work say.
3. School supplies. Grad school has been the best excuse to
get tons of new school supplies. hmmm fresh notebooks.
4. Little cousins who fold their arms for prayer and shut there eyes real
tight. I almost cried Momma kinda tears.
5. Pregnant announcements. They make me so excited and maybe a little
6. Husband cooking me dinner. He is the chef in our family. I'm
obsessed with his food skills.
7.Baking. Now this is my passion. 3 dozen cookies today.
Not doing much for my fitness/health plans though.
8. Sam's Club food samples. We are those people.
9. Instagram. I'm an addict. Also pinterest is making me happy again.
10. Daydreaming about future homes, texas, graduating, and babies with my J.


  1. quotable kids really are the best! cute blog :)

  2. 3 dozen cookies a day? I'm comin over to your place!

  3. i agree with so many of these! ESPECIALLY ddp.. the only good soda! xo
    the well-traveled wife