Monday, July 28, 2014


So since Josh's birthday is tomorrow, I thought I would share 24 things you may or may not know about my fella.
1. He won me over the first time we met by telling me I looked like I was 20. Every 15 year old girl's dream. haha

2. Josh has the BIGGEST sweet tooth of anyone I know. He could eat ice cream every day of his life. He also requests cookies on the daily.

3. He loves to scare me. If he leaves a room before me, I know to expect for him to run off to hide and scare me. Even if I know it's coming...I still get scared at times. I gets scared and he laughs his head off.

4. He loves Texas A&M. There is currently a college football countdown at our house. Bring on the football.

5. Josh loves me best when I'm in jeans and a t-shirt. He'll choose that over dressing up any day.

6. He's the best study partner around. He quizzes me like a beast. Honestly, I get the best grades when I study with him. I'm excited to get payback by helping him study soon.

7. He's the hardest worker I know.

8. Oreos have his heart.

9. Josh loves family. I'm glad I get to be his family now. He'll be the best dad one day too.

10. Best laugh ever.

11. If possible, he would fish all day every day.

12. He wants to catch a shark.

13. Netflix documentaries are is number one.

14. He lets me watch The Bachelor and never complains.

15. Texas comes up in conversation at least once a day.

16. Food. He's such a foodie.

17. He reads the news every. single. day.

18. Going shopping with Josh for anything takes hours!!!

19. He loves to play soccer.

20. Josh loves to be outside. Hiking, fishing, playing sports, and really anything.

21. He loves to sing along to the radio.

22. He's supportive and loving.

23. He loves to give talks in church.

24. He has my heart.

                                                      Happy Almost Birthday Josh!!!


  1. i love this! welcome to 24 Josh (well tomorrow)

  2. love this! #2 is my fave :)