Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ferris wheels, bare-feet, and fair games

Josh and my engagement day was perfect. We both agree it's the best day of our lives so far.

After leaving the boardwalk, we headed to the Louisiana state fair. We were cool kids and got wrist bands for unlimited rides. Our first stop was of course the ferris wheel. I love stopping at the top and getting to look out over the entire fair. After walking around for a bit, Josh got talked into playing a fair game. I didn't mind because I got to pick out the prize. I picked out an ugly multi-colored lizard...and I love her.

Earlier in the week I read about giraffes being present at the fair. Josh and I went on a hunt to find them. When we did...I went crazy with excitement. I watched all the little kids feed the blue tongued animal carrots. I was in heaven. After forcing myself away from the giraffes, Josh and I stumbled upon a circus. The first act we saw was a lady who could magically transform outfits in seconds. We were amazed!! No acrobatics or clowns could compare to this wardrobe magic.

Later in the day we stumbled upon a water garden. I took off my shoes and headed straight for the water. My sweet fiance pointed out the no wading sign. I pretended not to see it. We ended our night with dinner at Joes crab shack and a movie.

I would say our first day as an engaged couple was a success.

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