Thursday, December 8, 2011


My life lately. 

1. My fella and I at a high school football game. The Winnfield Tigers are going to the dome! So proud!
2. I'm in love with my blue polka dot scarf.
3. We registered. This picture is deceiving....I was tired to the max. 
4. Chicken dumplings that I made. I felt like a proud momma....even though I'm not a momma. 

5. My handsome fella.
6.Roomie presents with polka dot wrapping.
7.I want a 
8. Festive cookies our apartment made. It felt like all of our birthdays. 


  1. So glad you commented so I knew you had this blog! Love you Amanda!! :D You guys are so cute!

  2. Registering was exhausting! Was it not? Why don't we live in the same state? I feel like we would hang out every dang day.