Saturday, January 19, 2013

The bridal shower

February 2012
My bridal shower was thrown by my mom and other sweet women in my life. I wanted the theme to be a hot air balloon love theme. I could just picture Josh and I flying away in a hot air balloon madly in love. That may sound silly, but it's what this bride wanted. The day of the shower it was pouring down rain. Pouring. There were supposed to be balloons to complete the theme, but they all popped due to the weather. We went with it anyways. Everyone was so generous with the gift giving. We needed so much, but got almost everything we needed from family and friends. There was plenty of party food and tons of eating on my part. Just looking at the cake picture makes me want to lick my screen.  I'm thankful for everyone who was so supportive of Josh and I during all the wedding festivities.
It's hard to tell but the cake says, "Up up and away!"

It took a lot for me not to cram that cake in my mouth.

My mom makes the best fruit displays. See those daisies.

People enjoying.

I was dreaming of being a wifey who bakes.


All of the loot.

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