Sunday, January 20, 2013

The day I became a Mrs.

April 6,2012

I dreamed of this day since I was a little girl. I have always been a hopeless romantic. So much of my time was spent dreaming of my future husband and our wedding day. April 6, 2012, the day that all of those dreams were becoming a reality. I was nervous, nervous, nervous. I wasn't nervous because I thought I was making the wrong decision. I was nervous because my groom was a freakin hottie and I was the lucky girl about to say I do. Can you blame me for a few butterflies? I used tissues to wipe my sweaty hands off numerous times before we were wed. The moment I saw Josh all I could think about were those childhood wedding dreams. Although my dream groom was pretty amazing, Josh surpasses him by far.
Our ceremony was beautiful and sweet. There were tears shed by most in the room. I tried not to concentrate on anyone, but Josh or I would have lost it and flooded the place with happy tears. There was a moment when my sweet groom got choked up...I will always remember the look on his face. Words were spoken about love and commitment and promises. I promised that handsome groom my forever and he promised right back.
After all was said and done it was time for some love from family and picture taking. All of the little girls treated me like a princess. I sure felt like one. The girls loved holding my flowers too.  I felt so much love. I also felt hot! Dallas Texas and a big ole wedding dress=BURNING!!! I loved my dress, but wanted to rip it off as soon as possible.

Pictures captured from my mom's camera:

The little girls

My beautiful bridesmaid Faith

My supporters


The handsome groom escorting his bride.

Bride and Groom.

He makes me laugh every single day.

My Hollywood kiss

My favorites.

Huge Miller/Pritchard family

My new sisters.


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