Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lucky Little Ducky

"We should try and live every day with absolute faith, for we have learned in life that the Lord keeps his promises and watches over those who trust Him. He has been so good to all of us that we should have a profound conviction that He must really love us in spite of our faults." -Joseph B. Wirthlin

I have no doubt that my Heavenly Father loves Josh and I. Over the past couple of weeks we have  prayed  to our Heavenly Father for answers and guidance.Josh needed a job. He needed to move. We needed an apartment. We needed money. The reception plans were a mess. I didn't realize until multiple challenges and struggles occurred that I was lacking in faith. I worried and worried and worried. Through humbling myself I was able to see that it didn't matter if I didn't have the Heavenly Father did. So I eventually turned everything over to Him.

This week our prayers were answered. Josh came up for the weekend to search for employment. When planning where we would go first, we decided that we should first stop by this apartment we found on the computer. Josh had called earlier and they only had one vacant apartment remaining. We stopped by, got the tour, and chatted with the landlord. Josh and I drove away from the apartment, but we soon returned. We knew that this was the one. We filled out all of the necessary paperwork and hoped for the best. Next we went to Academy to ask about employment. No luck. Next stop Arron's. Josh stayed in Arron's for ever!! I took it as a good sign. Long story short...he got scheduled for a second interview. The rest of the day we were on cloud nine. We ate 7 layer dip and went and registered some more at Target. We made sure to say multiple thank yous to our loving Heavenly Father as well.

Monday I received a call from the apartment....We got it!! I sped over to the apartment and threw money in their faces! WE GOT AN APARTMENT!!! This is going to be our the first place Josh and I ever live together. I will make cute yummy dinners and we will dance around our small living room. Josh surprised me Monday night by showing up at my apartment after SLP observations with a hot pizza. Oh, I love the boy. He drives three hours and brings me a pizza. And maybe he had an interview the next day. ;) Yesterday we waited all day for his interview. Finally, at 5:30 it was go time. After I waited in the care for an hour, Josh comes out with a smile on his face. He gets in the car and just says "Hey, I got the job!" HE GOT THE JOB!!!! We celebrated with candy and ice cream.

This week has been full of blessings. By having a little faith we were able to secure an apartment and a job two months before wedding day. Everything feels right...Thanks for all of your prayers. I could feel the love and prayers going out for Josh and I. Most of all I will always know that my Heavenly Father loves us more than we may feel we deserve. We are imperfect, but He loves us perfectly.


Amanda Brooke

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