Monday, February 6, 2012

Two months till..

Josh- "I brought you a piece of candy bar cake." 
Amanda- "Oh let's share it. We can both have half." 
Josh-"Nope it's all yours."
Amanda-"Why do I get a whole piece to myself?" 
Josh-"Because you said YES." 

Boy am I glad I did say yes. I got cake for it....and I get the man in two months. Two little months and I get to be his Mrs. It feels good to be in this moment right now. It feels good to be his fiance and his soon to be wife. So life, bring on the next two months. I'm ready to experience them. And when it's time, I'm ready to go into the temple and promise my forever to this man. I know now how blessed I truly am.

In the beginning...
Our Now...

                                                                xoxoxoxo, Amanda