Tuesday, February 5, 2013


In my humble opinion, February is the best month of the entire year. J and I went on our first date this month, Valentine's day is the 14th, and it's short and sweet and to the point. Perfect month. I am already super giddy about Valentines day. I've always loved Valentines Day, even when my sweet mom was my only Valentine. My mom always got me flowers and specials gifts to show her love on the 14th. To me, the month of February is a time to remember how much love you have for everyone in your life. Friends, family, and significant others.

I already have a few things planned for J and I for Valentines day. Well, actually I have the 13th (the anniversary of our first date) and he has the 14th. I've started to make a few homemade cards and brainstorm a few ideas. J requested a homemade meal (he's tired of restaurant food) so I need to search the recipe books/pinterest for some new ideas. I've ordered him a special gift, but I won't document it until after I actually give it to him. I'm also working on a few things for my friends and family. They deserve so much love!! My house has also been shown some good ole' lovin. I can't wait to add even more lovey dovey touches.

So thank you February for making me positively happy.

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