Thursday, February 7, 2013

What it's like to be married to J

Being married to J is such an adventure.
 Being married to J requires a lot of time outdoors. That's his favorite. I don't mind
because I'm pretty fond of mother nature too. We have a favorite park that's just a few
miles from our new home sweet home. J lives for Spring and Summer and I do too.
Being married to J means a lot of Laughter! Every. Single. Day. he makes me laugh
like a little kid. We are pretty much little kiddos in big people bodies. He also swears he hates Modern Family and claims he only watches it for me. He laughed through the entire episode last night.
You can't deny funny.

 Being married to J means a house filled with Texas A&M  and 49ers pride. We
watch every single game and yell at the TV. J also believes that all games
should be accompanied with football food. Speaking of food, J loves to
cook it and loves to eat it even more. I'm not going to lie...
J may be the best cook in our house.
 J works hard to play hard. Everyday we look forward to J getting off work so that we can Play!
Even if it's just a nice quiet evening at home...evenings with J are the best.

So here's to you J. The cabinet leaver opener with the biggest heart. My sparkling grape juice drinking partner and movie watching snuggle buddy. The one that chose to spend their eternity with me. You're the best husband I ever had.


  1. This post is absolutely precious! :)
    xo TJ

  2. This was so totally adorable for words.
    Funny how we all have our little quirks. Your man leaves open cabinets, mine forgets to refill the water jug. Hahaha. (But it's okay - because I leave my socks on the ground:)

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