Monday, February 4, 2013

Holes in the Wall

So we have finally moved into our new townhouse. It feels like home. We have been decorating and trying to organize everything in our spare time. On Saturday, (2/2/13) we decided that we would start trying to hang some things on the wall. J asked me to wait for him to hang them because at our last place I murdered the walls with holes. The past tenants left a few holes; therefore, we decided to just use some of those spots to hang things. The first nail went in with no problem. The second nail...hit something hard. J removed the nail and water started coming out of it. My first thought was that we had a secret water stash behind our wall. Turns out we hit a pipe!! So we called our landlord and her plumber husband came to the rescue. We watched as he used a saw to cut a HUGE hole in our wall. I wanted to cry. J just sat there laughing. He was trying so hard not to laugh that it made me crack up as well. That's why I married the guy.
After the hole incident, we decided to go to our favorite park. We seem to always make it to our park one hour before it closes. J and I usually spend our time walking the trails or exploring. This time we found out that the park has a dog park. A dog's dream of a place. It made my dog hunger come back. (desire to own a dog...not eat one). Overall, my Saturday with J was quit the adventure.

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  1. Too funny about the pipe incident. Thank goodness for men who can find humor in situations like that!