Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines Smalentines

Our first Valentines day was pretty lo-key. We both spent the
majority of the day working, but we still found time
to celebrate love day. Josh leaves for work before me every morning.
So the night before V-day, I snuck muffins in his car and had
chocolate milk waiting for him in the fridge.
I thought I was pretty clever until I woke up to these beautiful flowers
and a love note from J.
He wins.

J is the only man who has ever given me flowers. I like that because
he is the only one who counts anyways. My flowers are still living and reside
in on our bedroom nightstand.

When J got home from work we decided to go out on the town.(After I gave him his present)
 I however had
an emotional breakdown about having nothing to wear. My wardrobe is going
through an updating period right now and I have given a lot of clothing away.
The closet emotional breakdown 2013 put us behind schedule.
Meaning that all restaurants were booked up and packed out.
I told J all I really wanted was a burger and fries.
He made my wishes come true with Five Guys.
It may not be the most romantic Valentines date spot, but that burger rocked my world.

We then decided to stop and rent a movie and get some candy.
I got a huge pack of sour straws and we rented Timothy Green.
Everyone told me that this movie would make me cry,
but no one told me that meant crying the entire movie.
I want to own this movie and watch it a million times.
Overall, our Valentine's day was a good representation of US.
We are pretty low-key and relaxed.
We enjoy the small things.
We love each other.
Hope everyone's V-day was just as sweet.




  1. Beautiful flowers! I'll have to rent Timothy Green and get the Codester to watch it with me.

  2. I love that you guys just played it low-key for V-day. Thats what we usually do & it's the best. Sounds like you snagged a pretty great guy :) You two are so cute.

  3. Oh gosh, definitely going through the same thing right now with my clothes. Blah.
    But those flowers look pretty!
    xo TJ